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SuperCostello - The Tomcat Man, in a tree


The Tomcat Man

Costello bitten by a cat

Costello became a superhero after he was bitten by a cat!

(he was playing poker with his cats and he was caught cheating)

SuperCostello in bed

SuperCostello's superpowers are those of a domestic tomcat:

- he can sleep for more than 18 hours without getting tired;
- he can land on his four feet, he can spit and he can purr;
- he can climb in a big tree and then he can't get back down.

SuperCostello - first album SuperCostello and The Black Cats Brotherhood Incatption Alien on Palace

There are 4 comic books with SuperCostello's adventures.

The last three are available on Amazon and Kindle.

One Group of British Scientists

...and a new story begins: "One Group of British Scientists and a black little kitten!

Available online at www.1gbs.eu.

Alien on Palace

The most recent comic book: "Alien on the Palace"!

This time SuperCostello and his friends (with a little help from an alien!) have to fight with a terrorist who tries, with a special device, to throw the entire mankind into a generalized depression. We also find out the story of the first cat in space and how Youtube was invented!

Alien on Palace page 18 Alien on Palace page 19 Alien on Palace page 20 Alien on Palace page 21 Alien on Palace page 29 Alien on Palace page 39

"Incatption", or Inception with cats!

How do you turn a cat lover into a cat hater? Leo DiCarpio and his team might have the answer, Inception style! The dream is real and even more dangerous with a bunch of huge cats playing around. Costello's projection to protect himself from extractors it's not a freight train but cats the size of a train. So, watch it, Leo!

Incatption pag 23 Incatption pag 24 Incatption pag 26 Incatption pag 27 Incatption pag 32 Incatption pag 33
Black Cats Brotherhood

The Black Cats Brotherhood

During the Dark Ages of Inquisiton, black cats were merciless hunt down by extremist clerics, accused (mostly unfairly) of assisting, in their occult practices, the witches. Then it was founded, it seems, "Black Cats Brotherhood”, a secret organization with only one purpose: fight for survival by any means!

SuperCostello pag 5 SuperCostello pag 6 SuperCostello pag 30 SuperCostello pag 31 SuperCostello pag 32 SuperCostello pag 33
SuperCosteloo begins

SuperCostello begins

This is the first album of the series, where we find out about Costello's history with cats and how he became a superhero..

SuperCostello pag 4 SuperCostello pag 5 SuperCostello pag 6 SuperCostello pag 7 SuperCostello pag 8 SuperCostello pag 9
SuperCostello pag 4